Knoxville, TN



I am married to my wife Lyn. I have a stepdaughter (her daughter) named Skylyn who lives with us half the time as well. We have three cats and a reclusive tarantula in our home also. I work primarily in psychiatric care, with acute patients, as a psych tech, although I will soon be working as a pharmacy tech half the time as well. Lyn is as of this writing just finishing her masterís in public health degree. As of this writing we live in Knoxville Tennessee, but will be settling down outside of Indianapolis Indiana soon. I grew up as an air force brat, so I was able to live in other countries in my younger years, Germany, Spain, and different states in the US. As for war gaming, I have been playing war/strategy games for years. Starting with chess, stratego, risk, and running around playing guns with my friends as a kid, progressing to war games on my C=64 such as: Typhoons of steel, war-game construction set, modem wars, etc. Then some tabletop like battletech, and onto modern games like the combat missions series. All these years later I still get a thrill from playing these games.