April 19th, 2001

Band of Brothers
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Run by Richie Rojj

The Italian Campaign was the end result of many meetings on how and when to strike Hitler’s Fortress Europe. This campaign along with the idea of striking at Greece was the brain children of Winston Churchill. Churchill believed Italy was the “soft underbelly” of Europe. As it turned out, it was not!!
This campaign will start with the invasion of Sicily and continue with the invasion of the Italian mainland itself.

As the German team, can you hold off the Allies and secure a strategic victory ?

As the Allied team, can you march up the boot and take Rome by June 5, 1944?
And make it to the top of the boot in time for the May 5, 1945 surrender like your Grandfathers did?

This will be no historical campaign. This campaign is to see if you, the members of Band of Brothers can repeat history or not.

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Run by Richie Rojj

After months of brutal fighting the Germans have managed to secure 90% of the city ruins. On October 17th 1942 the German Sixth Army began it's assault against the Barrikady Gun Works and outlying factories. Little remained in the hands of the Soviets as they clung to the western bank of the Volga, entrenched in the factory ruins, fighting doggedly, often to the last man and under constant attack.

Every day the Germans claw a little further towards the Volga. Every night the Russians ferry across more troops to fortify themselves in the ruins.
Soon the Russian Winter will be upon them all.

Can General Paulus's Sixth Army clear the last of the Soviets out of the factory ruins of Stalingrad before Winter sets in?
Can the Soviet Defenders of Stalingrad under General Chuikov hold on through the Fascist onslaught?

This historical campaign re-enacts the 13 days from October 17 to October 30 on one static map updated for each day's battle. Casualties will be horrendous and reinforcements will be thrown in mercilessly to plug the gaps. The two teams will fight on the same map each day, where each map itself is drawn from one of the battles played, as voted for by the Team Leaders. The Germans need to clear the 13 Factories of the Barrikady and the Soviets must stop them!

Stalingrad had truly become the crux of the war in the East!

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Run by Nuzrak

April 1945, the thousand years Reich teeters on the edge of its final destruction. The Red army sits poised on the banks of the Oder River for the
final strike into the lair of the fascist beast. To the west, the Allied armies, recovered from the brutal winter fighting in the Ardennes have pushed their way to the very banks of the Elbe. With equal anticipation, both great forces ready themselves for the last great thrust that will finally end the Nazi regime.

 From his Berlin bunker the Führer issues frantic plans daily to the last remnants of the once vaunted German army, urging them to turn the rising
tides or die trying. The stage is set. Amidst the ruins of the Reich's capitol four nations will fight for the future of Europe. One last brutal and bloody crescendo! An
Armageddon to close the Second World War in Europe...

Armageddon is a 'What if?' campaign covering the completely fictional race between the Allied armies of the West and their Soviet counterparts in the
east as they vie to capture the Reichstag building in central Berlin...

Thirty-two players in eight teams will fight out the campaign on several different maps over a series of seven to ten battles...

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