April 19th, 2001

Band of Brothers
Club Rules


First, some general common sense stuff.........

1. Have fun! This is the most important rule. If you aren't having fun then why bother.

2. Be courteous to your opponents! If you will not be able to return that PBEM file for a few days let your opponent know about it. If you join a tournament then do your utmost to see it through and finish all battles on time.

3. DO NOT USE THE CLUB MESSAGE BOARD TO PERSONALLY ATTACK A FELLOW MEMBER!!!  If you have a gripe with another member of the club then email him and let him know about it. If its something I need to know about then e-mail GreyWolfBoB and let me know about it. Personal attacks on the club board will not be tolerated. The message board is intended as a medium for getting club information out to the members and for friendly discussion of club and/or Combat Mission topics. Now, I like a good natured ribbing or taunt as well as the next guy and this is allowed. Just be sure it is clear that it is intended as such.

Second, who may play who and how to report a battle.......
1. Obviously, only games against other club members will count towards the club rankings.

2. There are no restrictions on who may play who as long as I don't see you playing the same opponent all the time. The idea is to play many different opponents and expand your Combat Mission experience. Now if you have a favorite opponent and want to keep a running game going with them at all times.....fine. Just include some other games against other members as well.

3. Upon completion of a battle it is the winning player's responsibility to report the results using the Band of Brothers After Action Report Registration Tool (BoBster for short). Once you become a member you should receive an email with all the information you need to post a battle result on the BoBster. If you do not, then please e-mail GreyWolfBoB and ask for one. Please include all necessary information to the best of your ability when posting your result. An added feature of the BoBster is that whenever a battle is reported as finished an automatic post is made to the "After Action Report" forum of the message board containing all the pertinent battle information. This makes it easy for members to keep up to date on the battle reports. It is the losing player's responsibility to verify the report made by the winning player is accurate. If a game report is contested and neither player has proof of the correct result, then the entire game will be voided.

Third, tournaments and special competitions, hence forth referred to as club events......
1. Only club members are allowed to enter club events.

2. All club events will be open to all club members. However, limits as to the number of participants that will be allowed may be set by the member hosting the tournament.

3. All club events will be announced on the website and the host of the event will start a thread in the tournament forum of the message board where members should reply to enter. If there is a limit on the number of participants then it will be first come first served.

Example: If I limit a club event to 16 participants, then the first 16 members to sign up on the message board will be allowed into the event.
4. Every member who enters a club event is expected to do their utmost to complete all event battles on time. To not do so shows a lack of respect for your fellow members. If its determined that a member has a history of not finishing event games then they will be suspended from club events indefinitely.

5. All club event battles will be included in the calculation of club rankings (reported on BoBster) unless specifically stated by the member hosting the event that they should not be reported. The member hosting the event will indicate if the battles should be counted as it depends on the nature of the battles in the event.

6. The only true draw in a club event battle will be when each player's final score as calculated by the Combat Mission engine are equal. Barring that, the player with the higher point total is considered to be the winner.

Fourth, the campaigns........
1. The campaigns will be open to all club members the same as club events.

2. Once a campaign is ready the campaign host will start a thread on the message board asking for members to sign up.

3. All members who sign up for a campaign are expected to do their best to keep up and get their orders and battles done on schedule.  A members history in club event participation will also be a factor. Repeated failures may cause them to be dropped from a campaign or not allowed in.

Fifth, regarding membership
I don't want to sound like a hard ass or a tyrant. I'll do my best to take this club in the direction that the majority of members seem to want to go. I'll often ask for member input into various happenings in the club and I'll be receptive to ideas and criticisms by members regarding the club. However, if I find that a member is acting in such a way as to disrupt club activities or ruin other member's enjoyment of the club, that member will be dropped and dropped fast.

Awol Members and MIA!

The new ruling on this is after a three month period a member does not post a game to the BoBster - he is ejected from the club. There will be exceptions made - (example - being in a tourney that produces games that cannot be entered in the BoBster) - (RL issues that are totally out of your control - these will have to be approved by me and you will be given leeway in that regard).
The consequences of being ejected from the club are this: your name (nickname) will be stricken from the BoBster and will no longer appear in the rankings. All medals and ribbons that were given for various tourneys or anything else will be erased.

If any member reapplies for membership they will have to start fresh, just like a new member. If a member was ejected for not finishing games, ignoring multiple requests for game files - they will not be allowed back into the club.

This supersedes any other rulings on this subject - posting does not count as being active in the club, playing games does. This is not a chat room or social club - it is a gaming club.

I realize that RL issues are sometimes beyond our control, remember all these will be considered - on a case by case basis.
However, all types of excemptions won't last longer than 2 years. After that time, the member will be dropped from the club roster.

Retirement from club membership

Veteran club members will have the option to declare their retirement from club membership.
To be qualified as a veteran, a club member must have been in the club for more than 2 years
and played more than 30 games.

Upon his declaration of retirement he will be put on the AWOL list but with a *retired* remark added.
The benefits of the retirement is a possible full membership restoration which includes all battle stats,
rankings, medals & ribbons. This reactivation may be declared at any point the member likes to come 

Flak Trucks

(This rule is valid only for CMBO battles)
As many of you know, Flak Trucks are faulty and have a bug that does not allow them to be killed by AP Rounds - therefore:
Flak trucks are not allowed to be purchased for all Band of Brothers CMBO battles.
Exceptions as follows:
- computer pick
- scenarios
- tournaments/ campaigns when explicitly allowed by Tourney/Campaign Master
- test games

These include the SdKfz 7/1 and SdKfz 7/2 vehicles

Variable Game Ending

(This rule is valid only for CMBB & CMAK battles)

The "Variable Game Ending" setting is mandatory for all BoB tournament games (CMBB & CMAK).
Same is true for campaign games, as long as it fits into their battle creation system (as per campaign director's decision).

For stardard games (e.g. non-tourney/campaign) players are encouraged to use this setting for their games in order to avoid last turn flag rushes.