April 19th, 2001

How to join the
Band of Brothers

The Band of Brothers has switched to a sponsor system for joining the club. The only way to gain entry into Band of Brothers is to get a current member to sponsor you.

Any Band of Brothers member that has received full-member status and is not being sponsored himself, may sponsor a person for membership in the club. If you do not know a current member, you can start by emailing GreyWolfBoB, and a sponsor will be located for you.

The membership e-mail must include a brief description of how the sponsor (current member) knows the new person and the “Big 5” for that individual:

1) The new person's real name

2) Proposed BoB Name (this must be identical with  the Yuku* account name)

3) His location

4) E-mail address

5) His complete telephone number (with international country code). This number will not be published on the member list, it is just for communication / identification purposes

This helps us tracking all new members through the probationary period described below. The new member is expected to play and finish a CM game with his sponsor. Next, the sponsor will guide the new player to the instructions on how to join Yuku so we can make the new member’s proposed BoB name official.  Once accepted to Yuku, the new member must make his Yuku access application post (this procedure is explained in the FAQ section). Once this is done, we will enter the new player into the BoBster allowing the new player to register games. A confirmation email will be sent to the new player and his sponsor. This is a perfect time for the sponsor to introduce the new member to the troops in the Open Discussion Forum.

Once admitted there will be a three month probationary period for the new member during which the sponsor is responsible for the new member's actions. If the new member causes problems its the sponsor's responsibility to set the new member straight. At the end of three months the new member's club participation will be reviewed and assuming there have been no problems the sponsorship will be dropped and the new member becomes a full member of the club. The new member must complete at least one game during his probationary period or he will be dropped.

Now, if you are still interested in becoming a member just go to our "List of Members" page using the link to the left. There is a column on the list labeled "Sponsor";  if it says "Yes" than that member would be willing to sponsor you. Just pick one of them, click on his nickname, and email him your desire to join up and request a game. If the member you have chosen is unable to play for any reason just move on to another one. I'm sure you'll have a game going in no time and on your way to becoming a member of the club. One exception: people who are in their 3-months probationary period (green color) cannot sponsor new recruits.

More infos about sponsoring and about getting a Yuku account be found in the FAQ section of our message board. 

*) Yuku provides the software for our message board  - thus every member must get himself a free Yuku account. Note that the "SIGNUP" button at the top of the Yuku forums above the "WE BAND OF BROTHERS" banner can also be used to get your free Yuku account.