April 19th, 2001

Band of Brothers

Combat Mission Links

Home of Gen Hawk's CM Forum
Home of Big Time Software and Combat Mission
Home of The Few Good Men
Wargaming and Military History Discussion Club
The warehouse for CM scenarios.
A great place to find CM Scenarios and Operations with player reviews. You may also add your own review if you wish.
The site for Combat Mission mods. Searchable and sortable mod database with descriptions and preview pics. 
At the bottom of this site you can find lots of MS Excel tables for all three CM games:
Armor thickness charts, gun penetration tables, infantry firepower charts, terrain exposure table and others
The goal of The Proving Grounds (TPG) is to provide quality scenarios for all players of the Combat Mission series of games.
The homepage of the mod artist Gautrek. He has created many of the mud mods for CMBB.
This site has also a good mud tutorial.
Mod author Zimorodok's homepage. Many of his mods as well as some very good painting tutorials.
Another great site for scenarios, articles, links and other neat CMBO, CMBB & CMAK stuff - site is run by Wyatt Barnett.
This site provides information, uniform and vehicle modifications, battles, operations, and historical data on Germany's premier infantry unit in World War Two - GROßDEUTSCHLAND - and the Russian troops they faced -  for players of COMBAT MISSION. is the largest and most comprehensive single source, online or off, regarding the organization, vehicles, weapons, unifoms, traditions, and insignia of Canadian soldiers in the 20th Century.
This site is devoted to providing information and uniquely British imagery to the computer game Combat Mission.
This CMx2 site is brought to you by our own Jack Ration.

Links for World War II Info
Achtung Panzer! A great site for information on German World War II era tanks. The German Armed Forces 1919-1945
WWII Vehicles You'll be able to find information on World War II vehicles, their history (with some photos) and their specifications.
Korean War This site is about the Korean War but it also covers many of the WWII infantry weapons.

Other Links

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