April 19th, 2001

Rob's Rules for Historical Force Purchases


For games with purchases of 1000 points or more

Reason for rule given in italics.

No airborne forces.

No mixing of allied infantry from different countries (you can mix rifle infantry and engineers though).

Less than 10% of allied forces were airborne. Hence it was "normal" to encounter leg infantry. While cross attachments of tanks from the different nations did occur at the battalion level, infantry was rarely cross attached at the battalion level.

No airborne (Fallschirmjäger), Mountain (Gebirgsjäger), or Volksgrenadier.
No mixing of infantry types (i.e. Sturmkompanie, Rifle 44, Panzergrenadier) unless a company's worth is purchased, i.e. 1 Coy Rifle 44, 1 Coy Panzer Grenadier. Up to 1 Platoon of pioneers can be purchased per company of other troops.

Less then 10% of axis forces were airborne or mountain. It is unlikely that Volksgrenadier Divisions were ever formed and equipped as noted, and should be conscript or green if used.

SS troops are included as they frequently made up up to 1/3 of the forces in an area (Normandy and the Ardennes for example) and were frequently encountered in battle by Allied forces.

Armour and Vehicles
General Rule
As a general rule tanks and vehicles have to be bought as a minimum of two of each type. Such as 2 Shermans (any version, including 105's and crocs), 2 Panthers (any turreted version), 2 PzIVs (any turreted version), 2 Priests, 2 Stu (any version ie 1 StuG and 1 StuH), 2 Tigers (any turreted version). Exceptions are explicitly noted below. 

Doctrinally tanks and vehicles operate in platoons (3-5 vehicles in WW2) of one type. As a minimum a pair of tanks may be assigned to support a company, and both of these would come from the same platoon. Typical allied tank platoons had one to four 76mm or 17pdr armed tanks with the rest being 75mm tanks. German platoons frequently mixed versions of a tank, but the base model was almost always the same. It was "normal" for an infantry battalion to be assigned a company of tanks, or an infantry brigade a battalion of tanks. It was rare for a company or battalion to be assigned tanks of different types, this would normally only occur for two reasons.

1. The tank Battalion supporting a Brigade had light (for example Stuart) and medium tanks (for example Sherman) (common in Allied tank Battalions). For the Germans reconnaissance companies frequently included a platoon of medium tanks supporting armored cars and PZ II's, and a late war German armored division had one Panther Battalion and one PZ IV battalion, with Jagdpanzers used in the anti-tank battalion.

2. The force is the advance (van) guard, flank guard or rear guard. Doctrinally advance, flank and rear guards were often heavily task organized with a mix of a company of infantry, a platoon of tanks, a platoon of armored cars and sometimes detachment of self propelled artillery.

Allied Rules
Fireflys's (Sherman with 17Pdr) can be used as a pair with any other Sherman or Cromwell tank (ie 1 Firefly and 1 Cromwell). 

Challengers can be used with Cromwells. 

WASP flamethower carriers can be bought at no more than 1 per company of infantry ( ie 3 coy of infantry and you can buy up to 3 WASPS). 

Any allied scout or armored car can be mixed with any other scout or armored car, but a pair still has to be bought.

German Rules
Hetzer cannot be used prior to December 1944.

Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger do not count as part of a pair with their turreted versions. They must be bought as pairs of their own type (i.e. 2 x Jagdpanzer IV).

No German Halftrack mounted AA guns. Tank mounted AA guns (Ostwind and Wirbelwind) are ok. 
German halftracks cannot be mixed, you either buy 250 variants or 251 variants. 

1 x SPW 251/9 (75mm halftrack) per 3 x SPW 251/1 halftracks. (i.e. you need to buy 3 x SPW 251/1's before you can get a second SPW 251/9)

1 x SPW 250/8 (75mm halftrack) per 3 x other 250 series halftracks (i.e. you need to buy 3 x 250/1's before you can get a second 250/8). 

1 x Puma per two other German armored cars (i.e. you need to buy two other armored car variants before you can buy a second Puma).

AT (including RCL's) and AA and infantry guns are to be purchased in pairs of the same type (i.e. 2x 57mm or 2x76mm).
155 mm or under (includes rockets), no allied VT arty. 
For Games with Purchases of under 1000 points
For games under 1000 pts then individual weapon systems can be purchased ( i.e. 1 tank, 1 gun), but if more than one is purchased it must conform to the rules noted above. (i.e. if you buy 2 tanks they must conform to the above rules)

Otherwise all other rules apply.