April 19th, 2001

Band of Brothers
Tournament Rules

A. Tournament Administrators

If you are plan on running a tourney, you MUST do the following:

1.) Pass your idea through the club president GreyWolf BoB and  the tournament directors Nelson1812 and MaximusDementis, prior to sign ups.

2.) Administer your own tourney and keep it going.

3.) If you want pages for it, then you must organize them yourself and keep them updated.

4.) If you want to have your own forum, then you must contact GreyWolf BoB !! Tournaments will have only one forum. Campaigns may have multiple forums.

5.) If you want to keep the results on said forum, then please keep it set up in a sticky thread at the top of said forum, so everyone knows where to look for it.

6.) Starting date is set with one of the tournament directors' and GreyWolf BoB's approval. 

B. Participants

Any member may participate in a tournament The tournament organizer may limit the number of participants in which case the participants should be selected on a first come first served basis.

Note: The Band of Brothers Club Champion Tournament is exempted from this participant rule. Some special competitions may also receive exemptions. 

C. Deadlines

Guideline: One week should be allowed for every five file exchanges (roughly 3.3 turns) in a battle, plus one week for contact establishment, troop selection and setup. This schedule should allow more than enough time to get the battles finished and even allow for a few minor delays. Example: a battle with 28 turns and variable ending should end after 35 turns latest (= 28 + 25%), which means 35*3=105 files, or about 52 file exchanges. Thus the deadline should be set to 52/5 + 1 = 11.5 weeks.

When a tournament deadline is set it needs to be a hard deadline, no extensions can be expected, especially with the ample time the above schedule allows. A tournament organizer may deviate from the above schedule but any deadline set should be hard and fast. This also means that the tournament organizer should define (in advance!) how he plans to deal with unfinished battles and their players. A tournament organizer can weaken up this hard deadline requirement but he must have good reason! For instance, if greater than a pre-specified number of games are not finished... Extensions should be no more than 1 week! Extensions beyond two weeks are not acceptable.

Both players involved in a battle are responsible for getting the game finished by the deadline. If your opponent is not carrying their weight you should notify the tournament organizer as soon as possible so they may look into the problem. It is every player's responsibility to check with his opponent after three days at latest, and to inform the tournament organizer no later than a week after the last file was sent.

Should a game not be completed by the deadline and the tournament organizer is able to single out one player as the cause, then that player should get some sort of punishment according to the rules announced by the tournament organizer (in knock-out tournaments this means he is disqualified and his opponent advances).

D. BoBster Reporting of Tournament Games

All tournament battles must be reported on the BoBster !! Exception: Unless the Tournament Administrator states otherwise prior to the tournament or tournament round getting underway.

It is the responsibility of all Tournament and Campaign Administrators to ensure that an appropriate scenario or QB entry is made on the BoBster for their Tournament prior to the start of each round, with the scenario or QB name including all the relevant details so players can easily submit results and that players in their Tournament or Campaign know which particular entry to select when submitting results!
(Questions or queries regarding BoBster entries should be refered to GreenAsJade.)

E. Multiple Tournaments

Unless otherwise specified or permitted, 'new or inexperienced' Tournament Administrators will be restricted to running 'one' Tournament or Campaign at any time. Experienced TA's, or those with a proven track record will be permitted to run up to or including 'two' Tournaments or Campaigns at any given time


Once your Tournament is approved, please stick to the basic rules you submitted to the Tournament Directors.
Part of our responsibility is co-ordinating multiple Tournaments & Campaigns by multiple Administrators.
This means, if you start changing commencement dates, the number of players you are signing up or the number of rounds, or other major alterations, this can impact on other Tournaments and Campaigns that are either being generated, or starting a new round.
It can mean that other peoples Tournaments or Campaigns don't get enough players for that round or struggle to start.
Part of our responsibility is to make sure everyone's events run as smoothly as possible, that they are all a success!
Thanks for your co-operation.