April 19th, 2001

Unit Rarity Numbers for units of
Combat Mission : Beyond Overlord


The tables assign a rarity value to each unit in Combat Mission with 1 being a very common unit and 8 being a very rare unit. The idea is that players may choose which rarity level they want to fight their battle under and then only purchase units with that rarity number or less. 

There may situations where a purchased formation contains a unit with an invalid rarity number. In these cases the unit would be allowed so long as it wasn't purchased individually.

Example: Two players agree to play a rarity 3 game. The German player purchases a Heer Rifle Battalion which contains a 120mm Mortar Spotter which is a rarity number 5 unit. Even so, this 120mm Mortar Spotter is allowed since it comes with the battalion. However, a second individual 120mm Mortar Spotter could not be purchased since it would be restricted by its number 5 rarity.
I hope you get some use out of them.

German Units

American and French Units

British, Canadian, and Polish Units

I'd like to thank the following Band of Brothers members for their
help in putting this together.  In no particular order they are

Andrew "atiff" Tiffany
Jarmo "Jarmo" Laasko
Robert "jrcar" Carpenter
Marc "MarcS" Sullivan
Wyatt "wwb 99" Barnett